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About the ETCC

To help achieve the state’s ambitious energy savings goals, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, San Diego Gas & Electric, and the California Energy Commission created the Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council (ETCC) to facilitate collaborations on emerging technologies projects. The ETCC Leadership Team has grown to include Sacramento Municipal Utility District and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. ETCC members are interested in emerging and underutilized technologies including advanced lighting, water heating, space heating, and air-conditioning systems, for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers.

ETCC members have different project needs. The CEC’s project interests span from technology research and development through commercialization and market facilitation. The IOUs are interested in commercially available technologies that can be offered through customer programs as measures, often with an incentive.

All collaborations, partnerships, and ETCC operating costs are funded directly by the ETCC members; the ETCC does not have a budget and does not fund or conduct emerging technologies projects.

Purpose and Goals

ETCC members aim to achieve the following core goals:

  • Expand knowledge and capabilities of ETCC member organizations by attracting new technology ideas, solutions, methodologies, and collaboration opportunities and by aligning members’ contributions and roles in validating and assisting in the introduction of promising new technologies.
  • Support innovators’ new technology activities by increasing the visibility of ET resources and opportunities for engagement with ETCC members.
  • Strengthen the knowledge and capabilities of the ET community by sharing project results, methodologies, and collaboration opportunities.

Engagement through Collaboration

The ETCC provides a collaborative forum for its members to exchange information on opportunities and results from their emerging technologies activities. The ETCC conducts activities in three areas:

  • ETCC website
  • ET Summit and ETCC outreach

The ETCC also leverages partnerships with universities and research organizations, consulting firms, professional associations, technology companies, venture capitalists, and utilities when outside expertise is needed .

ETCC Website

The ETCC website serves four primary functions:

  • Serve as a repository for completed project reports from ETCC members: Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, San Diego Gas & Electric, and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.
  • Promote ETCC events and technology-focused events by ETCC members and to sign users up for ETCC-event email notices.
  • Archive presentations and materials from the ET Summit and other outreach events.

ET Summit and ETCC Outreach

The ETCC hosts the ET Summit, shares ETCC member project findings, and provides a venue for the ET community to come together, build relationships, network, and discuss partnering opportunities. The ETCC also provides outreach designed to promote understanding of the utilities’ current technology priorities and findings.